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Let us be your storytellers, capturing the essence of your life's most momentous occasions with creativity, passion, and heartfelt dedication. Contact us today to discuss how we can turn your biggest memories into an everlasting work of art that will be treasured for generations to come. Together, let's celebrate life's grandest adventures in all their splendor.

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Making a difference

connecting with our clients

At My Life Video, we believe that every life is a masterpiece waiting to be shared. We take immense pride in connecting deeply with our clients, understanding their unique journeys, and bringing their heartfelt stories to life through captivating videos.

providing closure

We understand the significance of closure in life's myriad chapters. Our services offer a transformative experience, allowing you to reflect on your past, celebrate your present, and embrace your future.

Celebrating Treasured Moments

Life is an adventure filled with joyous celebrations, significant milestones, and heartwarming triumphs. Our team of skilled videographers and storytellers is committed to crafting captivating videos that not only document these remarkable occasions but also evoke the emotions and essence of each experience.

About Us

Telling your story through video is the pinnacle of what we do. Any and all life moments, academic and athletic highlights for college/university, meeting your childhood hero, etc! Our Production Team is there to help you tell your story. Our Premier Package video shoot is all about you. Drone video or photos of your home, family, and friends is an option as well. It is up to you! Our team is here to create, design, and produce an amazing video. Let’s tell your story!  

We started our journey after the loss of our parents.

We began our work relationship over 25 years ago with a Fortune 500 communications company. The next chapter of our journey started after the loss of our parents and we started My Life Video.

We know first hand that when a loved one passes away, many people decide to create a picture board or even a funeral slideshow to remember and honor them. Most people don’t “pre-plan” their life tribute, so the grieving family is left to gather available photographs and put something together quickly for a generated funeral slideshow. It’s just not something we think about, until now.

A forever gift and Legacy

Picture boards and slideshows? We knew first hand that there was a clear need for something better and more personal. A professionally produced high-quality video with your loved one telling their story. Pre-planning life tribute videos gives everyone the ability to tell their story the way they want and how they want.

We didn’t stop there! After all, there are many chapters in a person’s life and your story is ever-changing. We’re here to help you tell your story along the way creating a forever gift and legacy that generations can enjoy and always remember your life. Let’s tell your story!

Our easy steps


getting starting

To kick off your storytelling journey, we begin with a friendly and personalized consultation. Whether through email, phone, or in-person, we take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and the essence of the memories you wish to capture. This step allows us to tailor our approach to your unique needs.


Crafting Your Story

Our skilled team of storytellers will collaborate closely with you to curate your story's narrative. We dive deep into the emotions, experiences, and significant moments, ensuring that your video reflects the true essence of your memories. From choosing the perfect music to considering special effects, we take care of every detail to create a compelling and heartfelt video.


product creation

After gathering all the footage and materials, our expert video editors weave together the narrative of your memories. Through creative storytelling and skilled editing, we transform raw footage and images into a captivating video that tugs at heartstrings and evokes cherished emotions.


sharing memories

Once the final video is ready, we deliver it to you in a format of your choice, ready for viewing and sharing with your loved ones. Whether you want to relish the memories in the comfort of your home or share the video with family and friends worldwide, we ensure the video is easily accessible and enjoyed by all.

Start the Process of preserving your memories today!

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"Nick and Hugh were incredibly professional and took the time to go over each and every photo and clip of video. They helped us narrow down the overwhelming amount of choices we had to create the video."

Amanda Lee




"The My Life team captured our entire extended family in for our son's wedding, including moments with our extended family. We sent awesome videos to family and friends as a thank you."

Adam Cheise




James Sands

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